Opening its doors in 1996, Family Life Chiropractic Clinic has served thousands of families living in the greater Portland area. Located in Tigard, Oregon, the clinic prides itself in helping patients of all ages and backgrounds gain and then maintain higher levels of physical wellness.


Our Mission

As a father of nine children, Dr Hall's priority in and outside of his professional life has always been serving not only the Tigard/Tualatin community, but more importantly the families that live within that community. In the nearly twenty years since it's inception, the clinic has served as a place for individuals and families to come and reach higher levels of physical well being. Dr Hall specializes in workplace, athletic, and auto injury recovery. By coupling his chiropractic treatments with the massage therapy available within his clinic, Family Life Chiropractic Clinic has made a lasting impact on the surrounding communities, and hopes to be able to continue with this influence for years to come. 

Work will win when wishy, washy wishing won’t.
— Thomas S Monson

Our Methods


'I have been a patient at Family Life Chiropractic Clinic for about 15 years!  I've always had positive experiences with Dr. Hall.  He is professional, always on time, and helps greatly with neck, back, and shoulder pain'

Dwyn M.


While there are many approaches to chiropractic care, it is important for patients to know the differences in care and choose which approach is best for their families, and best for their physical well being. At Family Life Chiropractic Clinic, patients can come to expect:

  • A precise and unique treatment plan based off of the patient’s medical history and thorough examination of the individuals current health. .
  • We are a 'nut and bolts' kind of place.  The mechanics of your spine have a huge influence on how your nervous system and body functions.
  • No 'woodoo-voodoo' here!!